I’m an experienced tech co-founder and CTO, with over 21 years at senior board level. I'm also a speaker, writer and music producer.

A serial entrepreneur, digital strategist and software development lead, I’ve led projects creating enterprise applications for funded startups, scale-ups, and global brands like Sony, Volvo, Volkswagen Group and Tesco.

My core business is Remote, an award-winning digital product studio. As co-founder and CTO, I lead a team of creatives and engineers, building applications that automate business processes, leverage assets and innovate SaaS platforms that transform industries.

I’m also co-founder and CTO of Code Assembly - a disruptive SaaS platform that innovates software development utilities - and Vaulta, a platform delivering next-generation financial dashboards.

I have a unique talent for solving complicated technical challenges and turning them into clearly defined strategies in a way that's easy to understand and implement. My mission is to bring technology into business in a people-centered way, having a meaningful impact on life in the workplace and a positive impact on the planet. On this theme, I’ve delivered keynotes at many events, including TEDx and B1G1x, am a co-author of the best-selling book Legacy, and am host of two podcasts.

My book The Automated Business is due out on Rethink Press in Summer 2021.

Watch my talk at the B1G1x conference - How to amplify your global impact

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Paul McGillivray

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