Hi, I’m Paul McGillivray. Co-Founder and CTO of Remote, I empower purpose-driven teams by leveraging exponential technologies. I'm a speaker, writer and music producer.

I'm CTO and Co-founder at Remote, Code Assembly and The Heroworx Institute.

I'm a digital strategist with over twenty years experience at leading software teams at CTO level.

I build teams that automate systems and processes, building platforms and applications that improve workflow through digital transformation. I've delivered projects for organisations at all levels, from tech startups to global corporations.

I'm passionate about personal growth and transformation. I love to help people to find and master their own individual talents - their Superpowers.

My work aims to bring meaning and purpose into the workplace, using exponential technologies for positive global impact.

Watch my latest talk at the B1G1x conference - How to amplify your global impact

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Paul McGillivray

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