I’m an experienced tech co-founder and CTO, with over 24 years leading teams and scaling businesses. I'm also a speaker, writer and music producer.

Paul is a seasoned entrepreneur, tech co-founder, and CTO, with an extensive track record spanning over 23 years.

He's co-founder and CTO of Remote, an award-winning software development studio. Alongside his wife Jeannie McGillivray, he leads a team of talented experts that design and build applications that empower teams and scale businesses.

Having spearheaded projects creating enterprise applications for global brands like Sony, Volvo, Volkswagen Group and Tesco, Paul excels in digital transformation, adept at turning complex challenges into clear, actionable strategies.

Passionate about integrating technology in a people-centred way, he influences business leaders to leverage their values and tech for growth and positive impact.

On this theme, he's delivered keynotes all over the UK, including TEDx and B1G1x, is a co-author of the best-selling B1G1 book Legacy, and is the host of the Purpose First podcast, as well as a regular guest on many business podcasts.

Paul’s talks display a unique talent for explaining complicated concepts in a way that is easy to understand, and people leave his presentations inspired and moved to use tech in new ways to make a real difference in their lives, businesses, and the world.

His forthcoming book, 'Evolving Systems', is set to release in 2024 on Rethink Press.

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Watch Paul's talk at the B1G1x conference - How to amplify your global impact

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