#Intro - Technology & Purpose

With Natalie Jameson and Paul McGillivray

4 August 2019

In this introductory episode, Natalie Jameson interviews the host of Purpose First - Paul McGillivray - about digital transformation, superpowers, purpose and organisational psychology in this introductory episode to the series.

Paul is CTO and co-founder of Remote, a custom software development company building software systems that enable purpose-driven organisations to scale and amplify their impact. He is passionate about putting purpose at the core of business, and using the latest tech and techniques to drive growth and impact.

Natalie Jameson is an author, entrepreneur, and tech4good designer who leads the development of blended Human to Human and digital services, experiences and ventures in Financial & Professional Services, Adult Education and Local Government Business Support Programs. 

She founded The Heroworx Institute - a service/venture design, digital tech consultancy, to build more inclusive diverse creatively competitive organisations and societies. All of their programs are humanities-based and aligned to U.N Global Goals for sustainable development.

She believes in companies who unleash vibrant inclusive creative cultures can adapt quickly to market changes, and effectively improve their operations, and is currently focused on equipping underrepresented talent and rural entrepreneurs to lead with an innovation mindset, a F.U.T.U.R.E. of Work toolkit, mentorship, and technology enablement.

Watch the video recording of this episode here.


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