#5 Systems and Processes

With Marianne Page

28 April 2020

Marianne Page is an undeniable leader, inspiring both successful small business owners and large scale-ups to have the confidence to know that their business is running as it should. I have first-hand experience of this, as having worked with Marianne on my own business - she dramatically changed and improved the way I run Remote.

Throughout her career, Marianne has worked closely with businesses from all industries, developing an astounding number of high performing teams through the integration of her systems and structures. She removes the bottle-necks in the company, making workflow consistent, and allowing teams to be free to work on their business rather than in it.

Marianne is the best selling author of Simple Logical Repeatable, The McFreedom Report, and Process to Profit - a book hailed as ‘better than The E Myth’.

“Marianne’s McDonald’s experience makes her one of the world’s most qualified experts on the practicalities of implementing systems and building high performing teams.”


Marianne Page

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