#4 Tools for Financial Freedom

With Jason Graystone

14 April 2020

After first hand experience of the freeing tools that Jason shares and offers to business leaders and entrepreneurs all over the world, I invited him to join us to share these skills with you on Purpose First.

Jason launched his business at the age of 22, and since has become an Investor and Currency Trader specialist. He shares his ideas on sculpting the right mindset and adopting the right personality traits that lead you to achieve anything you want in life. Working to empower people when it comes to money and wealth creation, he believes that everyone deserves to live an inspired life.

“When we are free and able to focus on meaningful work, we become better human beings. All we want in life is time primarily, and then the ability to focus on our highest values for fulfilment and reward.”


Jason Graystone

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Paul McGillivray

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