#1 Authenticity and Leadership

With Mark Leruste

8 August 2019

"Wherever there are people, there is pain. But there is also hope..."

In this lively episode of Purpose First, Paul talks with Mark Leruste, founder and Chief Engagement Officer of The Unconventionalists about the qualities and responsibility of authentic leadership - helping our teams get clear on our purpose, and the importance of purpose-based coaching in business.

The Unconventionalists is a for-purpose coaching startup on a mission to eradicate career misery in the workplace, by empowering leaders and founders to build purpose-driven organisations and positive work cultures for people to thrive in.

He's also the host of The Unconventionalists podcast, a 5-star rated show on iTunes listened across 100+ countries and his videos have been watched over a million times on social media.

Mark's on a quest to help mission-driven organisations and leaders clarify their purpose to better inspire and lead their people.

Watch the video of this episode here.


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